Our Mission

The mission of Local Sounds is to preserve and document local music history, and to unify and advance the musical artists that live and work in those communities.


About Local Sounds

Local Sounds is a not-for-profit (pending) organization that focuses on promoting and preserving local music by using journalism, video and a social media platform to document and create a historical record of locally produced music.

In addition to preserving local music, we are also contributing to the continued growth and advancement of local music by setting standards, creating services and products and establishing programs. We also strive to involve local governments to establish a means to support the local music community.


Our Beginnings

Madison has an extensive supply of musical talent. It also has a rich, vibrant music scene that helps nurture that talent. However, it lacks one thing: a unified embodiment - an identity.

In 2005, a small group of individuals started discussing and conceptualizing the need for a local music organization. This organization would help tie everything in the music community together and help present it to passersby, newcomers and long-time residents. This was the birth of Local Sounds.

In January 2006, Local Sounds held its launch party at the High Noon Saloon. It was the first public unveiling of the new organization.


Who We Are


From the time he picked up his first pair of drumsticks almost 20 years ago, music has always been a part of Matt's life. He moved to Madison in 2001 to attend college, graduating in 2004 with a degree in Computer Information Systems. During college he started networking and landed is first volunteer gig in the music scene as the website administrator for Rick's Cafe. Around the same time he joined the Madison Area Music Awards and served on the board as the website administrator and secretary for the majority of the organization's first 10 years.



Rick is publisher of Local Sounds Magazine, formerly Rick's Cafe, Wisconsin's Regional Music Newspaper. He is also the Executive Director for MAMA, Inc., a non-profit organization that produces the Madison Area Music Awards and raises funds to promote youth music programs.