Promoting Local Music in Madison, Wisconsin

if a band plays a song and no one is around to hear them, does it make a sound?

In 2003, Rick’s Cafe music newspaper was founded to address the lack of media covering and promoting Madison’s diverse local music scene.

Today, Rick’s Cafe is now known as Local Sounds Magazine and we’ve expanded into radio and TV.

And we’re just getting started.


  • web-based magazine that publishes news, reviews, and feature stories
  • easy to read on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone
  • subscribe by email to receive new articles as they’re published


  • internet radio that plays only artists, podcasts and other content from Madison
  • listen on the go via any device that supports the TuneIn radio app
  • hosted by Madison-based businesses to support the local economy


  • provides and produces professional video coverage of Madison’s music scene
  • watch content wherever you are on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone
  • provides a launch pad for local content creators and local students