Music Scene Development in Madison, Wisconsin

the most important thing any musician or band needs to succeed is support.

Support from family, friends and their community will build a solid foundation to launch any career.

By piloting our own efforts and nurturing the ever present positive influence from local businesses; together, as a community, we can build that foundation.

how we're helping


hosting public events
to generate music
awareness in Madison


creating growth and
learning opportunities
for musicians


innovating outreach efforts
to improve government
and public recognition


analyzing existing methods
and brainstorming new ideas


innovating ways to unify
and brand our scene


developing new channels
of scene level promotion

Us Plus Music Equals Love - Music Scene Development in Madison, Wisconsin

we're driven by the passion we have for the local music scene. think you got it too?

Local Sounds exists because of the continuous love, passion and dedication we have for the music scene in Madison. Without it we would not have followed through to get to where we are today.

Do you have a drive to make the music industry better for our local artists? Then let’s make it happen.